CEDR Accredited Mediator

Henry became a CEDR accredited mediator in July 2003, although he had already participated on behalf of parties in numerous mediations for many years before then.  Since that date, Henry has acted as mediator in many mediations, including a multi-million pound mediation in Jersey with multi parties regarding a complicated trust litigation matter which was being pursued through the Jersey Courts which he was successful in bringing to a mediated settlement.

Henry's considerable experience of trust and probate matters involving disputes between members of families means that he has a particular sensitivity and ability when dealing with such cases.

Henry brings to bear his specialised experience as a trust, probate and charities lawyer of many years' standing in relation to mediations, and is accordingly able to apply his specialised knowledge to disputes in these areas.  He is well known and a highly regarded mediator.

In addition, his organisational skills in preparing for multi parties litigation means that he is well able to collate and comprehend multi party mediations.

Early this year in three consecutive weeks, Henry acted on three separate mediations, all of which were successful.

Recent examples of mediations in which Henry has been involved include:-

-resolution of a claim under the Inheritance (Provision for  Family and Dependants) Act 1975, including large real property holdings and a number of family companies;

-dispute between siblings relating to their late parents' Estates, including farm land;

-breach of trust claims, where trustees had lost the confidence of the beneficiaries who had commenced proceedings for their removal;

-challenges to wills with allegations of want of knowledge and approval and undue influence;

-complicated trust disputes;

-disputes between charities;

-complex Will disputes dealing with aspects of capacity and allegations of undue influence.

Henry's mediation philosophy

Henry believes there are two principles underpinning all successful mediations, namely flexibility and the ability to engage in "give and take".

He sees mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method which allows, where appropriate for the underlying issues, as well as those which appear on the surface, to be examined and given their proper weight.

He feels that properly conducted mediation has the added benefit of allowing for the resurrection of relationships.

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