Henry as a Mediator

Henry always tries to prepare as carefully as possible for any mediation and at the same time to obtain a good and clear understanding of the matters in dispute between the parties so as to facilitate the parties finding a solution which will be acceptable to them all.  Clients who have had mediations conducted by Henry comment:-

“He is very thorough and pragmatic and clearly understands the issues that are crucial”;

“Gets to the heart of the matter without wasting time”;

“Henry is very professional and has a wealth of mediation experience”;

“Henry can be firm where necessary, but fully understood the emotions at play and displayed the right human touch, coupled to phenomenal knowledge and experience”;

“A very intelligent and persistent mediator”;

“Henry really believes in mediation, and his ongoing enthusiasm permeates and energises the parties throughout the day”;

“He is a natural mediator, highly respected for his commerciality”;

“A superb mediator who empathises with the difficulties encountered by parties”;

“Henry always develops a good relationship and is friendly and welcoming to all parties”;

“Henry was quite outstanding at gaining all parties’ confidence, which undoubtedly led to an acceptable outcome to result”;

“Moves the mediation along at a brisk pace, but is not afraid to devote time where issues make this necessary”.

“Henry’s trust, probate and charity litigation background makes him particularly good when it comes to reality testing”;

“His attention to detail was apparent, and even though it was an emotional day, Henry did not lose sight of the essential issues, right up to the successful conclusion”.


CEDR accredited mediator

Law Society accredited Solicitor Advocate

Freeman, City of London

Chairman, ACTAPS

Member, Trust Law Committee Executive

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CEDR Accredited 
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